Sales Tax Calculator

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This sales tax calculator is a free online tool that is designed to help users calculate the sales tax for a particular purchase. Sales tax is a tax that is charged on the sale of goods and services by a retailer, and the rate of sales tax varies depending on the location.

This sales tax calculator is useful for consumers who want to know how much sales tax they will pay on a particular purchase. It can also be used by retailers who need to calculate the sales tax they need to charge their customers.

To use this sales tax calculator, the user inputs the price of the item, the sales tax rate, and any applicable discounts or coupons. The calculator then uses a mathematical formula to calculate the total cost of the item, including the sales tax.

The sales tax calculator can be used for various types of purchases, including online shopping, in-store shopping, and restaurant bills. It is an essential tool for consumers who want to budget for their purchases and retailers who want to ensure they are charging the correct amount of sales tax.

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